Welcome to
KEF Guesthouse

Keflavík International Airport 

Volcanic Eruption

Literally in our back yard... & visible when sky is clear, not to mention how it gloves up during night! We arrange shuttle tours to & from the hiking trails.

Blue Lagoon

Our famous next door neighbor! Seeking a quality time enjoying the wonders of the Blue Lagoon? Relax & have us take care of the driving.

Reykjanes Circle

Through the lava fields of Reykjanes Peninsula exploring the Bridge Between Continents, the ocean by the Lighthouse & the geothermal area by Gunnuhver.

Variety of Rooms

Check rates & offers available on selected dates.

  • Twin  Room – 2 single beds – 2 persons.
  • Double Room – 1 large bed – 2 persons.
  • Family Room – 1 large & 2 small beds – 4 persons.
  • Family  Suite – Private bathroom – 4 persons.

We are near the Volcano!

Now is the time! It´s about an hours hike each way and it is most definitely worth it! Enjoy the roaring sound of it whilst the glowing lava bursts out, flying like weightless through the air…

It´s warm and welcoming as well as super clean. I would definitely book again.
Janet Morris
Friendly staff, nice facilities & free airport shuttle.
Willie Brown
Head of Product
Good night sleep, nice bed & I have to say a super nice warm shower. A short drive from the airport.
Sean Fisher